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    Industry Context

    Big Data moved from limited statistical models & reports to mainstream daily business decisions in 2000s. Massive amounts of data can be used to build highly-complex models that allow for extremely granular decisions; e.g. using 1800+ variables to assess credit-worthiness using location of an individual or a business.

    One of the key category of variables that define every person and business is its location. This venture became a pioneer in ingesting massive geo-based datasets and building proprietary algorithms that provide excellent predictive power to models used for hyper-local and individual-level decision systems.

    Startup Context

    The founders from IIT had 10+ yrs of experience in analytics modelling and product development. After raising their seed round, they continued to build their data libraries and product capabilities.

    Geo-analytics space has massive opportunities, with hundreds of use-cases, but each use-case requires investment and domain expertise to develop relevant product, ML models and start monetizing them.

    With exploding opportunities, but a small team of <10, there was limited bandwidth to focus on sales, clients, delivery, product development and at the same time to plan future rounds of fund-raise.

    Ecosystem Support

    Ecosystem Ventures became an integral part of the venture, bringing its consulting, business development, technology and fund-raising skills together to help the venture across multiple dimensions.

    We helped in defining product roadmap and revenue structure to enable transitioning from a services model to product model

    We also setup a business development function, helping grow monthly revenues by 5x in 5 months. This also included brainstorming with founders on various use-cases and prioritizing industries / clients with much faster adoption rates.

    Within 5 months, Ecosystem Ventures led a fund-raise at twice the valuation with micro-VCs and angels.

    Ecosystem Impact

    Ecosystem Ventures has been able to create a significant impact across revenues and fund-raise.

    As trusted advisors to the venture, the Founders have deeply appreciated the timely guidance & support we have provided, in a completely honest manner.

    This is an all-rounder team” – one of the best compliments we got from the founder.

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