Focused Consulting

Management consulting is common in larger enterprises but rarely available for startups. Also, the nature of challenges faced by startups are often multi-dimensional : every aspect of the business immediately impacts plans for other functions.

With our background in enterprise consulting and entrepreneurship, we are able to bring cutting-edge research, problem-solving skills and domain expertise to help entrepreneurs build the right strategic roadmap for their ventures.

Additionally, we’ve created a unique commercial model which allows entrepreneurs to get consulting support at a fraction of the cost.
A few practice areas of consulting include:


Product planning

  • Roadmap to add different products, services, features and technology in the future
  • Defining MVPs for each product component and ensuring Customer validation for each MVP

Market Planning

  • Market Segmentation and identifying target markets
  • Sales/targeting plan for different customer segments? (lead gen, channels, communication)
  • Roadmap for expanding market footprint (both B2B and B2C)

Business model

  • Type of revenue models for different products & services (e.g. consultation, packages, subscription, etc.)
  • Defining relationships with various partners (rev share, IP protection, risk-sharing, fixed vs. variable models)

Team Planning

  • Org structure to support the growth at different stages
  • Onboarding senior leaders / industry-experts for each vertical / division, e.g. Finance, Ops and Tech
  • Optimizing between fixed pay, variable pay and sweat equity to build a high-performance team

Technology planning

  • Defining technology requirements to automate internal process, operations and controlling staff performance
  • Taking critical decisions on technology architecture, development process and project management

Financial planning

  • Mapping of fixed and variable costs to each revenue-item to build the unit economics model
  • Developing a detailed financial model (historical and forecast) and identification of ideal sourcing of fund-raising
  • Figuring out the optimal levels of fund-raising for different stages of the venture to maximize shareholder value

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