Ecosystem for Investors

Angel Investments Overview

The team consists of 20 people with 4 full-time partners and senior industry leaders who work closely with ESV. We invest $200k-1M per investment in startups where Product-Market Fitment has already been established and there are revenues on the books with positive gross margins. During their last 3 years (since inception), we’ve invested in 18 ventures; so far there have been zero failures, and we’re at about 60%+ IRR based on follow-on rounds. They have ~350 angel investors; they recommend creating a portfolio strategy by identifying the total investment pool and then distributing it across multiple startups.

Curated Startup Investments

As an investor, it becomes difficult for you to find the right Startups, do the diligence and monitor the company post-investment. We make it easier for you to invest in Startups as we do all the persistence and also help the company in growth post-investment. Further, we commonly invest in many of these startups from our own books, so investors can rest assured that we are extremely diligent about the ventures that we select.

Due-diligence & Financial Structuring

Through our robust ecosystem comprising internal team-members and industry experts, we undertake buy-side mandates to conduct market scans, business due-diligence and help in structuring their investments to protect their interests.

Right Homework

We do not let you jump off the bridge just because everyone else is jumping. We believe in doing the proper research and the homework that helps you in investing in the right business. We do not let you become a part of the crowd and invest in a startup in which every investor is investing. Our belief is- if you follow the mass, and things go wrong, your capital is wasted. So we do our homework and give you the reason why the selected Startup is destined for success.

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