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India’s most valuable cleantech venture

ABOUT: A forward-thinking clean-tech company dedicated to developing innovative and intelligent technologies to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Their flagship solution, the Floating Solar Solution, represents a paradigm shift in solar energy deployment, offering a groundbreaking alternative to traditional land-based installations.

Floating Solar Solution utilizes water bodies like lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and lagoons, tapping into abundant resources globally. By placing solar panels on these water surfaces, they optimize space and reduce environmental impact. This approach makes solar energy accessible even in densely populated areas.

TRACTION: Achieved FY24 revenue (Provisional): ₹34 Cr (US$ 4 Mn). They already have the orderbook as on date is of ₹60 Cr based on which the expected turnover for FY 2024-25 is ₹120 Cr.

FUNDRAISE: They are currently raising ₹10 Cr ($1.2 Mn).

Deal Code – 117

Comprehensive Career Guidance Platform

ABOUT: A substantial number of 30,000+ CBSE/ICSE schools, catering to ~10Mn student population in 8-12th standards in India, do not have dedicated and trained in-house career counsellors.

On the demand side, there is an unmet need, with readiness to pay, on part of parents, anywhere between ₹20k to 100k, to obtain credible guidance for numerous new stream options now available and secure admissions to reputed institutes. At 20% of the CBSE/ICSE student population, this translates to a SAM of ₹4000+ Cr.

Moreover, 750+ IB & IGCSE schools, preferred choice of the upper-most consumer segment, are rapidly expanding their enrolments across India. Parents are easily willing to pay 5k-10k USD to secure best-in-class overseas programs for their kids. At 50% of 2 lac IB/IGCSE student population, this expands the SAM to ~ ₹10000 Cr.

On the supply side, the market for career counsellors is fragmented, localized, and exam centric. With front-desk executives at test-prep institutes providing ad-hoc biased counselling with the sole aim of maximizing their enrolments.

Thus, There exists a whitespace for a tech-centric play in the underpenetrated career guidance market for school students in India

Led by an experienced leadership team, the startup acts as a one-stop product suite enabling students, teachers and parents for career planning decisions, solving for demand-side as well as supply-side inefficiencies.

TRACTION:  With an ARR of ₹10Cr, 150+ reputed CBSE/ICSE/Cambridge International schools as clients, ~65% gross margins, this startup is India’s most advanced career guidance and planning platform for secondary and higher secondary students, with a clear goal to achieve a topline of ₹100 Cr by FY27.

FUNDRAISE: They are currently raising ₹10 Cr ($1.2 Mn).

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