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Deal Code – 1445

Intelligent Automation Platform

ABOUT: An outcome-driven automation platform that assists enterprises in automating their business activities.

It offers a self-learning cognitive business process automation engine that assists businesses in automating and optimizing business process workflow. They construct self-learning forecasting systems using machine learning and other neural network technologies. Offers ‘Automatons’ that can be accessed via SDKs and REST API calls. It is available in both on-premise and cloud-based versions.

Led by a team of over 55 years of cumulative experience in the architecting globe solutions, enterprise technology, security & cloud.

TRACTION: Achieved an ARR of ₹4 Cr (US$500 K) in FY22 and strong unit economics with 76% annual margins and 86% lifetime margins and a target to achieve ₹34 Cr (US$4 Mn) by FY26.

FUNDRAISE: They are raising ₹4 Cr (US$500 K) and have commitments for a portion of the fund-raise from prominent investors.


Deal Code – 1098

India’s Largest Society Management Platform

ABOUT: Society management is completely fragmented with Zero organized players. Finance, compliance and Accounting (FCA) is a small part of overall society maintenance, but most essential, and most fraught with issues around inefficiencies, errors, service levels and knowledge gaps. 

FCA is led by Freelancers, Individual Contractors and Local CA/Accounting Firms which makes the current service model highly people-centric while providing a massive scale-up opportunity. ~7 million households can be impacted in top-8 Indian cities alone generating ₹2000 Cr. (US$ 267) in revenue. 

Led by accomplished leaders and a team of 65+ members, the startup is India’s First and Largest player to provide FCA to societies in an organized manner, through a transaction-centric delivery model. 

TRACTION: Generating ₹9 Cr (US$ 1.2 Mn) in contracted ARR with a target to hit ₹100 Cr. (US$ 13 Mn) in ARR in the next 3 years, it is currently servicing 55,000+ households, 400+ societies; and has Strategic & Go-to-Market partnerships with players like JLL India (200 residential properties/ 165,000+ Households) & ICICI Bank’s TASC division.

FUNDRAISE: They are currently raising ₹10 Cr ($1.3 Mn).


Deal Code – 154

Custom-Design Fashion Platform

ABOUT: India’s leading personalized fashion and tailoring service for women.

A direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform that enables personalized women’s fashion styling, fashion visualization, recommendations, order placement, tracking, and fulfillment. It is the only tech-enabled personalized fashion brand in India – Serving global women customers from India.

Led by accomplished leaders and a team of 60+ members, the startup is India’s first D2C venture to have cracked this market opportunity ($3 Bn in India alone), by a combination of product innovation, process automation and a business model that generates value for all stakeholders.

TRACTION: Achieved an ARR of ₹7 Cr (US$850 K) in FY23 and strong unit economics with 70%+ gross margins and AOV of Rs. 3500 and a target to achieve of ₹45 Cr (US$5.5 Mn) by FY25.

200+ SiS Outlets, 100+ Franchise Outlets, 1000+ P2P Fashion Entrepreneurs in India

FUNDRAISE: They are raising ~₹5 Cr (US$600 K) and have commitments for a portion of the fund-raise from prominent investors.


Deal Code – 142

Talent Exchange Tech Platform

ABOUT: A platform which is revolutionizing talent exchange through ML and deep sector expertise, quantifying the career discovery and talent search process for better sourcing, matching, training, and utilization.

Innovatively, it balances talent supply with industry needs through a college/university network and Assessment Engine, while also connecting ideal candidates to recruiters and suggesting learning paths with a Career/Skill Recommendation Engine. This AI-driven Talent Engine matches skills to job requirements and guides non-qualifying candidates toward training and assessment, enhancing the dynamic talent pool.

Led by an immaculate team of over 18 years of vast industry knowledge in the Analytics and recruitment.

TRACTION: Generating ₹7.2 Cr (US$ 870K) in ARR with 55-60% of average gross margins and a target to achieve of ₹60 Cr (US$7.3 Mn) in next 3 years, it has onboarded over 100 colleges and 25 hiring corporates with 5,000+ paid learners already onboarded from 50+ colleges till YTD FY 24.

FUNDRAISE: They are raising ₹2.5 Cr (US$302K) at a pre-money valuation of ₹50 Cr(US$6 Mn)


Deal Code – 126

Hybrid Education Platform

ABOUT: A Hybrid education platform, a path for using hybrid offline learning canters to improve learning results in small communities. 

It intends to capitalize on the massive opportunity in the underserved private coaching market by transforming their outdated standardized teaching practices’ into an AI-enabled, personalized, and practice-based teaching pedagogy that will significantly improve students’ learning and academic performance. The patent-pending platform combines software and hardware in many levels to improve each student’s learning path.

TRACTION: achieved an ARR of 7.6 Cr (US$930 K) in FY23 and is projected to reach 12.7 Cr+ by FY24. Based on pipeline visibility, company is positioned to attain Rs 44 Cr+ in FY25.

630 of the total student population that is able to attend LEAD Schools will be tapped, and the goal is to reach 19,500 or more of them by the end of the fiscal year (FY25), which will generate 18.4 Cr in income for Speedlabs alone from the LEAD collaboration.

FUNDRAISE: They are raising ₹6 Cr (US$730 K) and 3.5 Crs already committed and there is an open space for another 2.5 crs

Deal Code – 158

Customized Clothing Brand

ABOUT: This groundbreaking Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) startup is more than just a fashion label; it’s a dynamic platform that unleashes your creativity, fosters distinctive style, and embodies personal empowerment through the integration of cutting-edge AI and Advanced Design Tools.

The Founder envisions fashion as a personal statement, transcending pre-made choices. The startup was born to ensure clothing authentically reflects individuals while offering quality and affordability. It empowers you to customize your attire, unleashing your unique style and creativity. Join us in a limitless world of self-expression through fashion.

TRACTION: Archieved FY23 revenue: INR 21 Cr(US$ 2.5 Mn) with gross margin of 60% ; 32 stores in operations, Product sold 3.3 Mn+, strategic aim to elevate sales to INR 52.3 Cr by FY25.

FUNDRAISE: They are raising ₹ 11 Cr (US$ 1.3 Mn ) at a pre-money valuation of ₹70 Cr(US$ 8.4 Mn ) and have commitments for a portion of the fund-raise from prominent investors.