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    Industry Context

    Two megatrends in India converged around 2018. One was growing importance of coding as a fundamental skill. The other was exploding Internet access facilitating remote learning.

    This was the perfect time for a new ed-tech venture to be incubated, which pioneered bringing one-on-one online coding classes to every child across the country.

    Startup Context

    With a single Founder raising $1m+ in seed funding, the venture required significant support across all functions to build product / curriculum / technology on one end, while fuelling an exponential sales growth on the other end.

    Speed was super-critical to become a category-leader in this virgin space.

    Our Support

    We brought the power of our ecosystem to support the venture across multiple dimensions.

    Working closely with the Founder, our consulting team conducted market studies, prepared growth plans, templatized MIS reports, built detailed models for financials, unit economics and Series A deck. We worked closely with curriculum, product, ops, sales, HR, finance and technology functions.

    We also brought-in multiple partners for tech architecture, CRM systems and marketing tie-ups. The role was similar to an internal SWAT / consulting team for enabling exponential growth.

    The overall engagement spanned 18 months.

    Our Impact

    During this time, the company grew from $100k MRR to $4m MRR, from a team of 20 to 600+.  We played a critical role in closing Series A round and subsequently India’s fastest significant exit to one of world’s largest ed-tech firm giving 45x multiple to first round of investors.

    Our contribution to the success can be gauged by this gracious comment by the Founder, “All credit to Abhishek Sanghvi who did more in 7 days of consulting me than I did in 7 months of running the startup

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