The ESV Promise

ESV is India’s best ecosystem for nurturing & scaling disruptive startups. We invest in highly driven founders who aspire to become category leaders in their respective industries.

Beyond investing and fund-raising, we work as an extended partner of the venture to bring a wide-variety of strategy & execution skills through our ecosystem.

The ESV Promise is to do-whatever-it-takes to help our ventures succeed in this highly competitive and dynamic world.

ESV for startups


Handholding in its most veritable form: from providing leadership to business review, we have you covered.

Fund Raising

To aggregate and invest capital for early-stage startups seeking Seed, Angel, pre-Series A, and Series A capital.


An exceptional panel of Domain Experts, shaping business strategies that are desired by high potential ventures.

Support Ecosystem

Free access to hand-picked partners delivering exceptional value to startups for sales, tech, finance, team-building etc.

Investor Ecosystem


High ROI Investments

Our Ecosystem provides an excellent bouquet of investment opportunities, carefully vetted by our team, offering attractive risk-reward terms


Flexibility & Reliability

Our Angel Fund partnership structure offers a lot of flexibility to investors, while our personal capital commitment in each demonstrates its reliability


Post-Investment Oversight

Our post-investment monitoring and oversight ensures that investors get timely updates about the venture’s progress


Strategic Interests

We work closely with family offices and investors to identify potential synergies and strategic interests in specific startups or industries

Success Stories

Every strategy we create is unique and crafted specifically for every venture. This is the reason why every success we’ve had has a different story to tell.

ESV Portfolio

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