Angel Investments Overview

We are a team of 20 with 4 full-time Partners and several senior industry leaders who work closely with ESV.
We typically invest $200k-1M per investment, in startups where Product-Market Fitment has already been established and there are revenues on the books with positive gross margins. [Investment thesis]

We also have an exceptional ‘ecosystem’ of partners and experts who are available to our startups to help them in every part of building the firm, from strategic planning to contracts, from tech to finance, from sales to product development.

During our last 3 years (since inception), we’ve invested in 18 ventures; so far there have been zero failures, and we’re at about 60%+ IRR based on follow-on rounds. [Update note – Feb23]

Playing the role of a full-scale fund manager, we personally invest in every startup, and manage the full lifecycle of investments, from sourcing and selection to oversight and eventual exit. [Our Role]

We have ~350 angel investors; we recommend creating a portfolio strategy by identifying the total investment pool and then distributing it across multiple startups [Strategy for Angel Investors]

All investments are routed via a SEBI-registered Category-I Angel Fund. [Investment  process]

We have a success-only fee model : we have zero annual management fee, and a 20% carried interest (profit-sharing) from the returns generated, if the returns cross 12% hurdle rate. [Fee model]

As for the current deals in which we are investing, you’ll be able to find summaries of the deals here.
Current angel deals : Intelligent Automation Platform (ID 1445), Custom-Design Fashion Platform (ID 154), Hybrid education platform (ID 126), India’s Largest Society Management Platform (ID 1098), B2B SaaS for Predictive Analysis and Marketing Automation Software (ID 2097)

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